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Our services explained

Admin Service
Virtual Administrative Support Services

Virtual Admin Services

Generally, the admin services are required for the companies who cannot manage their own tasks effectively as the companies are unusually large and expansive. In such cases, they are in need of virtual office services or administration outsourcing services as they are unable to manage everything. The outsourcing administrative services are applicable for almost all types of giant corporations and companies who usually deal with tons of issues. In that case, the virtual administrative assistant is a helpful resource for them. STATBD is skilled in providing the services smoothly.

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Basically the large corporations are filled with resources and they have strong administrative departments. But in some cases, the departments are unable to care for each of the issues and hence they are to experience some serious losses. But if they deploy some admin services, they could make the things run easily and by the same time production level will also go up. STATBD is enabled to provide the best business support service to its clients. 
Besides, many of the clients have recognized the efficiency of STATBD. Often it is said that the administrative department is the backbone of a company and if the administrative activities are not handled properly, there are chances of fall. The efficient service from STATBD is able to prevent all the obstacles in the line of administrative activities with its outsourcing administrative services. 
The collective services from STATBD always aim to reduce the hassles of administrative activities of its clients and thus a team of administrative experts are always there to deal with the issues of STATBD clientele. The pro-active experts of STATBD are able to handle almost all sorts of administrative activities and been providing the service to its global clientele for longer days. 

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The STATBD administrative assistants always keep the information on the finger-tip so that those could be used at any time based on the requirement of the authority and could also take necessary decisions that would prove beneficial for the company or organization. So, when the authority is relieved from the administrative troubles, it could concentrate on the business expansion or could also take decisions to grow the company. 
So, if you are in need of such services, you could take STATBD assistance. STATBD is always there to serve you with its expert administrative team. Feel free to contact with us or drop us a line on our mail box by informing your needs, we will catch you back within the shortest possible time. 


Graphic Design
Creative Design Services By New Professional Company

Advertisement and promotional contents bring the necessary reputation for the companies and the graphic design services help to make the advertisements attractive. Thus they become the great marketing tools for the clients. Besides, the creative designs by the best graphic designers of STATBD also play a significant role. Usually, people love innovation and exception, and the Creative Design Services have been established to cater the diversified needs of the graphic design. A Graphic Design Company aims to provide the best services to the clients to expand their business. STATBD is one of the best graphic design agencies in the industry that can meet all types of needs to the clients. 
Advertising has become an inevitable part of today’s marketing strategy, and usually, a graphic design services company provides the basic designs with the help of a professional graphic designer. As a direct result, the advertisements become appealing to all and the purposes are served correctly.    
STATBD is a creative design agency and provides affordable graphic design while the services include –
Logo Design Service
Need a perfect logo for your business? The STATBD graphic experts will make the desired logo for you or your business based on the nature of your work.
Banner Design Service
Seeking for an appealing banner for your advertisement? No Problem! STATBD is always there to serve you with the latest designs to make your banner attractive to your potential clients.
Brochure Design Service
Can’t find the right brochure design for you? Tell us. The graphic designers at STATBD are waiting to meet your needs. 
Book Design Services
Having trouble with the page set up and book design? Well, STATBD has a great pool of graphic designers to set up your page and create the book uniquely. 
Flyer Design Service
Struggling with Flyer Design? Is nothing being matched? Just express your ideas, STATBD experts will materialize your visualization.
Stationery designs 
Feeling ashamed of the old envelope or writing pad? Want to have stationeries with a fresh look? You are in the right place. 
Corporate Identity Design Services
Bearing an identity crisis? No worries! STATBD is ready to make your corporate identity kit invoking to all. 
This extraordinary IT agency has different wings, and Graphic Design is one of them while it also specialized in other forms of marketing for the clients including – digital marketing, online marketing, social media management, data management and more others. The details of the graphic design are reported below for a greater understanding. 
Thereby, if you are in need of the services, STATBD is always there to support you. This Graphic Design Company armed with the latest technologies and the best graphic designers in the industry are working hand in hand with the agency. In fact, the graphic design services provided by STATBD are entirely different and unique comparing the other graphic design companies. It's a challenge for the advertisers to create a brand for them and the works are made easier with the help of STATBD.
Contact us for offshore graphics design service that will provide you more proven results.

Logo Design
Professional Custom Logo Design Service for New Company

Affordable Logo Design Services

The word logo is the concise form of another word – Logotype. In fact the word has been shortened for the easy pronunciation but now the impact of the word is different. Presently, affordable logo design services are not available everywhere as the task of logo designing is a bit complex than the other tasks of graphic design. A cheap logo design company may make you the logos but in the long run, the logos might not suit your purpose. So, to make some perfect logos for your business or personal use, you will be in need of a professional logo design company and professional logo designers who will make the day. 

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STATBD provides some custom logo design services to its valued clients which are unavailable to almost all the loge design providers. In fact, STATBD provides the best logo design services in the industry. Generally the logos are used to represent any specific entity or business organizations and often turns into a brand for them. So, the business logo design services should be focused on the core of the business. When to design a logo for a company, the STATBD logo weavers always try to provide their best efforts.  
If you think that where can I make a logo design, you are in the right place for your needs. STATBD provides the professional logo design services in the country and has achieved a unique position in the industry. The IT agency, STATBD, is famous for cheap logo design services and for the best business logo design after the needs of the clients. 
It should be considered that logos are the representations of any business in absence of the owners or proprietors. So, if the logo is not made with the right theme, it is expected that the purpose of the logo design will go in vain. Actually, affordable logo design services are not found in the current days and the service providers are reluctant as well for custom logo design services when they find the payment less than the expected amount. STATBD has changed the situations with some cheap logo design services and the services are also adorable to different quarters. 
Logo is a necessary thing to run a business and almost all the brands have their own logos. There are some beliefs that the logos create the brand, and only a professional logo design company like STATBD is able to create the desired brand. With the best business logo design from STATBD your presence will be found among the million other brands. By the same time, it will be a great step for your business growth. 

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The cheap logo design services by STATBD graphic designing teams are able to create a distinctive brand for the business people and STATBD clients. The outstanding logos are able to let the consumers or beneficiaries know about the presence of the company that will serve them. In fact, STATBD does not design a logo for a company rather it creates a brand for that.            
Often the business owners cannot figure out what to do or how to seek the custom logo design services for their respective brands. Since they want to appear on the business world with their distinctive features, they require some specific attention from the best business logo design service providers and in most of the cases, they do not get so. As a result, they only visualize their logos and cannot materialize them.
But the graphic designers of STATBD are expert to bring the imagination to reality. They are highly trained and thus skilled to make your visualization come true. Once you will hire them, they will provide you with the custom logo design services so that all of your needs are met.  Drawing of the logo is the most difficult task for logo designing. But this is not a big deal for the STATBD logo weavers. 
In fact, the designers at STATBD are expert in drawing and designing different types of loge so that they become distinctive and could also bring a good brand reputation.  When they design for the logos, they try to bring out the core of the business and draw their ideas digitally using the latest technological devices. As a result, the logos become the best one in the industry and the designers are humbly proud of their success. The tailored designs of STATBD are really enviable! 
So, if you are in need of a logo for you or your business or company, you can have the most affordable logo design services from STATBD. In fact, the IT agency is skilled at this task and has designed a large number of logos which have been successful in their business. Besides, STATBD is not like the other cheap logo design company that will make wrong step ups for your logo and brand. Once you are in, you can rely on this professional logo design company without any second thought. 
Contact us today to learn more about our affordable logo design services and how our tem can ensure your needs are met quickly and efficiently.

Banner Design
Professional Corporate Banner Design Service Company

Creative Banner Design Services

A banner is the representation of the advertisement of your business and helps to make a brand for you and your company. So, you have to pick the right Banner Design Company who will provide you with the right Banner Design Service. Though there are a large number of banner design services are available the best banner design will be made by STATBD. It does not matter if you are in need of business banner design, corporate banner design or professional banner design, the expert designers at STATBD are always there to serve your needs. 

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Usually a banner needs huge amount of bucks for advertising on a banned and if the banner design services are not up to the regular standard, the investment is considered as wastage of money. So, a creative banner design company should be picked from the thousands of firms who will make some custom banner design for you and your company. If you want to design your own banner, you may also be in need of some professional services because designing a banner is not a minor issue. It requires a lot of skills and expertise to make the banner appealing to the targeted people. 
STATBD has long been providing with product banner design to the clients of home and abroad and the banners are considered as fantastic among the clients. In fact without a good looking or stunning banner, it is unwise to expect a wide recognition of the business of the products. STATBD is the very first IT agency in Bangladesh that is specialized in making attractive banners. Besides, the banner designing prices are also reasonable and the flexible payment mode and methods have made it preferable to the clients to work with STATBD.   

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STATBD believes that the customers are always in search of newer things and they easily get attracted with the things which appear special to them. As a Banner Design Company headquartered in Dhaka, STATBD provides the custom made graphic design that is a must to support your business. The designs are made with great care and considering the objective of the business or the company and thus perfection is brought on the designs.     
Thereby, if you are in need of business banner design, corporate banner design or professional banner design, please feel free to reach us by mail or drop a line on mail box, STATBD will catch you shortly. 

Brochures Design
Custom Creative Brochure Designing Service Company

Brochure Design Service  

Usually brochures are printed to provide information to the targeted audience over any specific issues and one of the best offline marketing tools. In most of the cases the brochure preparation tasks are typically done by a brochure designing company. A brochure is used by different ways and mostly used to introduce something new like a new business or company. So, the business brochure design should be up to the mark though there are scopes that allows you to design your own brochure. But to be frank, the brochure design services are provided with professionalism which will remain absent if you want to do it by yourself. The best corporate brochure design at STATBD aims to make people aware of different issues like introducing them with a fresh business or services they are in need of. Moreover, the professional brochure design of STATBD is able to be distributed among different groups of people or could be exhibited on brochure racks in some crowded places. 

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If you are in need for the best company brochure design, STATBD will make the most effective brochures for your purposes. Though SATBD provides a cheap brochure design for its clients, the brochures are effective enough to create a stir in the market. Usually the custom brochure design of STATBD helps the clients to get attention from the targeted audience. In fact, STATBD takes pride in both the creative brochure designs and professional brochure design as the designers working here belong to the top level of the industry with their huge trail of expertise. 

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STATBD believes in creativity and when it is about brochure design service the designers provide their best efforts to make the designs unique and attractive so that the marketing purpose for the products or the services could be done easily. The STATBD experts weave the eye-catching designs in such a sophisticated manner that you will be amazed with them. STATBD performs some corporate brochure designs which could be bi-fold or tri-fold or after the needs of the clients. 
Brochures could be used for several other purposes as well and hence if you are in need of the service, you can easily contact STATBD and place your order. STATBD strongly believes that quality comes first and profits are its consequences. So, there are no compromises over the brochure quality issues. It is guaranteed. 
Drop us a line, we will catch you back ASAP! 

Pages N Book Design
Professional Book Cover Page Design Services

Book Cover Page Design Services

In the present age, the necessity of professional book cover design cannot be denied any more as a creative book cover is the easier way to communicate with the readers. There are a good number of designers are available who will make some cheap book cover design for their clients but in most of the cases the designs are not up to the mark. So, the Book Design Services need to professional and credible so that they could attract attention to the readers and potential readers. Generally, a book cover page design is the way to let the people know about the author’s inner mind. The more the design is creative the more the readers start relying on the book’s content. So, the authors and publishers are in need of the best book design for them. 

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You cannot create a great impression to the reader if you make your own book cover as those may not be creative and if you do not know how to design a book, the events may appear uncomfortable for your career as a writer or published. STATBD is one of the leading IT agencies in the industry that allows the clients to have their custom book covers. The designers at STATBD have outstanding knowledge on book pages design and they have been doing it for longer days. If you are in need of affordable book cover design STATBD waits for you. 
The book covers made in STATBD are simple and filled with awesomeness and thus all of them are able to attract the attention of the potential readers and book users. In fact, the truth is that in the present day, the readers and the other people buy books most of the times considering the cover. When the cover appears attractive, they get the books and STATBD is expert in creating some eye-catchy covers for your book. The way the covers are designed are unique indeed and get instant reaction from the readers’ part. 

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STATBD ensures the book covers to accompany with good graphics, teasing fonts and outstanding concepts based on the book theme. The ideas used for the book cover design are distinctive and provide the right message to the potential book users. So, if you seek for any of such works, you can rely on STATBD without any second thought. 
Please drop a line to us; we will catch you back, ASAP!

Flyer Design
Flyer Design Services- Custom Designing Business Flyers

Flyer Design Services

Business flyer design is undoubtedly a great task as the business success mostly depends on the advertisement. Usully flyers are the tools for visual communication for the business organizations and they often try to have the cheap flyer design for their purposes as they do not want to spend more on the purpose. But it should be noted that when you are preparing corporate flyer design you cannot do it by some design my own flyer methods as it requires a large number of expertise and specific skills. Such expertise is only available with some professional flyer design company like STATBD. STATBD, the leading flyer design company headquartered in Dhaka has set numerous examples of success with the professional flyer design and serving with different flyer design services to its diversified clients. 

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In the industry, STATBD is responsible for the best business flyer design and it has been performing so for a long time. The creative flyer design from STATBD is catering the needs of global clients and helping them to expand their business. Being one of the most important ways of advertisement, a custom flyer design is required to let the other people know about the presence of the product or services provided by the business or organization. If the flyers are not up to the mark, the audiences may not get the right message about the product. Hence appears the necessity of designing flyers. Merely the knowledge – how to design a flyer is not enough to complete the eye-catching and smart flyers rather something more is required and STATBD is enriched with the extra capacities. 
A flyer usually helps to promote any product and serves the role of advertisement. So, they need to be diversified and most of the cheap flyer design companies are unable to bring the variety like STATBD. The IT agency is extremely expert in designing and able to undertake different range of works including individual business flyers to bulk corporate flyer design. The IT agency strongly believes that the much artistic the flyer will, the more it will have chances to be notified to the potential groups. 

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Hence, if you or your business organization needs any creative flyer design, you can contact with STATBD. The expert team here will make the custom flyer design for you and within a few hours. Besides, the pricing flexibility has made the STATBD Business flyer design services more attractive. Drop us a line on our mail box, we will get back to you soon. 

Stationary Design
Business Stationery Design Service Companies

Business Stationery Design Services

The corporate world is always in need of something newer and innovative and the best corporate stationery design is one of them. It is used for different purposes and the business stationary design is mostly comprised of business cards, letterheads, envelops different slips and more others. In fact, the corporate stationery design helps to create a unique brand for the business. The custom stationary design from STATBD solely aims to create the brand and help it to reach its audiences. There are a good number of stationery design companies are available with their respective stationery design services but the services are most of the cases not up to the mark. STATBD promises for the best stationary design to its clients. If you want to design my own stationary, you will also be allowed for this as well. The stationary graphic design of STATBD is adorable. 
STATBD is also enabled to perform all types of wedding stationary design and in most the cases the designs are considered as the best one to serve the needs of the wedding planners and the relevant people. But STATBD is specialized in corporate stationery design which has made it the best business stationary design company of the industry within the shortest possible time.The creative ideas from the designers make the day of the clients. 
Often the corporate stationery design is considered as the visual identity for the corporate people and they cannot do without it for a single moment. A stunning visiting card is one of the key elements behind the success. Besides, when the business sends a complimentary card with the best stationary design, the reputation of the business soar higher than the other business or their competitors. When the company sends a letter using a beautiful and custom made envelop, the chance of success grows more than any other time. STATBD is skilled and enabled to make the things happen smoothly. 

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In fact, the best corporate stationery design from STATBD is the showcase of your visual identity and if you want to be identified by the potential clients and customers, please feel free to contact US. STATBD is always there to suit your needs and once you are in, the awesome custom services of the leading IT agency will make you feel satisfied. By the same time the business will start growing with the best corporate stationery design services.         
Feel free to drop us a line, we will catch you back ASAP. 

Corporate Identity Kit
Corporate Identity Design and Branding Services

Corporate Identity and Branding

STATBD is the creative and leading IT agency that is enabled to corporate identity company and has successfully been providing brand identity services to a large number of clients in home and abroad. The agency is headquartered in Dhaka and specialized for corporate and brand identity creation for lots of its clients. Basically corporate identity and branding is its passion and STATBD is completely different from the other corporate identity companies who also provide the same service. The enthusiasm of corporate identity design services by STATBD is adorable and all the clients are happy with the service of this company. 

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In fact, the corporate identity services help the clients to grow more in their respective business arena and without the corporate identity, it really becomes difficult for them to get a reputation. But creating a corporate identity is not easy as it appears and the experts of STATBD need to work hard for designing brand identity for the clients. So, if you are in need of the best corporate identity, only STATBD can provide you with the right services. The best identity design by STATBD is enriched with sophisticated knowledge and art. As a result, it has become the best branding design agency in the industry within a short time. 
Usually STATBD undergoes extensive researches for corporate branding services it provides to its clients and the corporate identity design it makes are done by the people of different background who undertakes the research to establish the identity perfectly. Actually the corporate identity designers of STATBD are the most experienced one of the industry and have numerous experiences of making corporate identity kits for their clients. They usually work based on some specific philosophy so that the design could be the best one in the industry and beat the other competitors in the respective business arena. 

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STATBD is highly reputed as a corporate identity company for its exclusive services and creative solutions regarding the other brand identity services as well.  STATBD strives to unearth the core of a business and launch that as a recognizable brand among the thousand other competitors. 
Hence, if you or your business need to establish a corporate identity, you can easily rely on STATBD with its special services and the experts will tailor the needs for you and your business. STATBD takes humble pride in its services and welcomes you to try the services on a test basis. Feel free to contact us about any of your corporate identity design services or drop us a line on our mailbox, we will get you shortly. 

OCR / ICR Services
Outsource OCR/ICR Conversion Services

OCR and ICR Services

This is the age of globalization and everything is advancing fast. So, the management of industrial control has emerged as one of the most important issues and in fact, there are some professional icr services available to make business and life comfortable. Besides, the optical character recognition is another important service that saves time and labor of the people related with the industry. The ocr service is the other efficient service from STATBD that helps the clients to manage and breakdown their respective tasks. Usually the online ocr services have greatly reduced the efforts for the managers of organizations and business people. By the same time, the icr processing has turned into a popular form to the people and they are also deriving benefits from the services. 

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Basically the Ocr Conversion Services deal with the conversion of ocr (Optical character recognition) and the service helps greatly to covert different files in different formats. The services are mostly preferred for those who are related with activities of document processing. The icr services (Industrial Control Repair) are also required for those who are related to asset management, on-site asset management, training programmes, robotic integration, field services, decommissioning and more. STATBD is highly efficient to perform all the tasks related with the icr processing. 
STATBD is enabled to perform such tasks which are not performed by the other leading IT agencies of the country and even if they do, some imperfections make the entire task unwanted. STATBD provides the smooth icr services and ocr services to its global clientele. The clientele includes a wide range of corporations and business people who deal with numerous products and services. The vast network of STATBD is able to solve the troubles smoothly and the superior selection of tools, instruments and software is the key reasons to get the works done so smoothly. 

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STATBD mostly provides the breakdown services and assistance related to icr services and ocr services but sometimes the optical character recognition turns out the most preferred one by the clientele and they term the services provided by STATBD as the best one. Moreover, the ocr service of STATBD is also adorable to its global clients and mostly the service is used for some common industries like date tracking, reading serial numbers, lot tracking on pharmaceutical products and on food packaging, mail sorting, handling documents and much more. 
So, if you are in need of any ocr as a service , you can feel free to contact us at any time by informing your requirements. The STATBD experts will catch you back soon. STATBD specializes in the services related to optical character recognition and in online ocr services. STATBD is always there to serve you with the expertise it has achieved throughout the years.  

E-commerce Site Management
E-Commerce Management Services - Product Upload & Data Entry

E-commerce Management Services

Presently, ecommerce is dominating the world and this is a potential sector that will dominate the world in the future. So, the essentiality of ecommerce product data entry services has emerged and if the services are not handled with the right hand, there are chances to fall in the business. The success of an ecommerce business depends mostly on the back office services like ecommerce product listing and many more like Product Uploading Services for Amazon, eBay, Magento, Shopify, Volusion, Prestashop, Powershop and others. When the back office service or product data entry service is hired, the entire process simplifies the way to success. Besides, the product uploading services also help the business owner to concentrate on the other aspects of the business.

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Moreover, when ecommerce site management service is hired by the clients, it also ensures them a guaranteed management of the complete business. Often the ecommerce site owners cannot concentrate on their core of the business as they need to remain busy with the other irrelevant activities but if any external agency is hired, the troubles get reduced and they have an uninterrupted attention to grow the business. STATBD is a perfect match for ecommerce product data entry services or for the product uploading services. 
There are some usual conceptions that ecommerce is one of the easiest things in the world and anyone can start the business with the use of a website. But in most of the cases, they forget about the issues like order processing, online store management for the clients, inventory management, email support and live chat issues, account management and more others. So, whenever they start the business, they cannot concentrate on the heart of their business and thus they have to remain busy with the other things which block their progress on ecommerce platforms. 

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But the excellent back office support from STATBD helps to handle all the essential tasks like ecommerce product listing to let the website visitors know about the products, Product Uploading Services for Amazon, eBay, Magento, Shopify, Volusion, Prestashop, Powershop and the other required tasks so that the business could advance smoothly. The STATBD supports begins from accepting the orders and ends at the delivery of the product on the doorstep of the customers. The entire process is taken care of smoothly by the STATBD professionals and the expected results are wonderful. 
When STATBD takes the charge of an ecommerce site management, it ensures the customer satisfaction, earns reliability and quickly processes the orders in a secured manner so that the customer could return on the online store again and again. 
Hence, if you want to create a platform on ecommerce or if you are a businessman struggling with your ecommerce websites, you can hire STATBD for the smooth continuation of your business. Feel free to contact us with your needs and we will get you back shortly with the best possible solution. 

Image Editing
Photoshop Photo Editing Service for Professional Photographer

STATBD is an online agency offering amateurs and professionals such as advertisers and the press a photo retouching and image editing services. We are the team of well-organized graphic designers, picture artists and photographers will deal with your order. The motto of our team is maintaining high-quality standards and turnaround time of image editing company work as well as developing a business relevant to ever-evolving markets. Also, we can save your money on time, effort, workforce and the take advantage of the skilled, professional image editing team of STATBD.COM who're efficient at using all of the latest software used in the look editing field.
The Digital Photo Editing Services of STATBD helps eCommerce and retail companies, online photo editing companies, photography labs, photo galleries, wedding photography, sports photography, stock photography enthusiasts, fashion photography, printing presses, educational facilities, advertising companies, graphics studios, media and publication companies, and much more photo editing outsourcing services.
Our Professional Photo Editing Service Includes:
Clipping Path Service
Clipping Path service is to Remove Background, Photo Retouching, Clipping Mask, Shadowing, Ghost Mannequin Removal and all sorts of other illustrator image editing services. We offer the top quality photo editing service with the pictures clipping on a regular basis for footwear, outfit along with other product based industries using tools. We use advanced techniques and instruments to cut the pictures with precision, creating the greatest degree of work with our clients. You can get the price benefits by outsourcing the best clipping path service from STATBD firm.
Image Masking Services
Image masking is the method we use when clipping path is not a choice. We offer image masking service for photos that aren't appropriate for the standard clipping path - delivering excellent outcomes to clients. Almost our experienced graphic artists make use of the latest masking strategies to remove backgrounds from images, for example, hair or even the foliage on trees, leading to sharp and smooth edges that appear to be professional. Our image masking service covers Layer Masking; Channel Masking, Transparent Masking, and many more variations.
Image Shadow Service
Shadowing an image can double the benefit of a picture and provide the heart and soul into it, for this reason, you’ll find shadowing traditional and far-practiced image adjustment technique. In an e-commerce site, shadowing is required to create a natural disposition for the products. We cope with two kinds of image shadowing- drop shadowing and reflection shadowing as well as for each of the help we've cost-effective packages. So we do ensure that we are the very best provider of the photo editing service. An image can “speak” with the help of image shadowing creation. While giving our drop shadow service, we conquer our competitors in the industry. You can rely on STATBD to offer you the smoothest shadowing leads to your images that will amaze you.
Image Cleaning/ Retouching
Digital photo manipulation, effects, and portrait retouching are the services that people focus. It will help your image to look gorgeous in color. Get the most from STATBD team's high abilities, fast turnaround skill and direct connection with personal retouches! Quality, consistency, and ease of access enable us to compete. STATBD features a group of qualified personnel who're familiar with digital image fixing and photo retouching.
Glamor Enhancement Service
Glamor Enhancement has usually referred all kinds of photo using various ways. Before publishing any professional images, these need to undergo Glamour Enhancement. Glamor Enhancement is the solution all your what-if’s and produces the beauty that every camera can’t get. It's our human instinct to present us. The glamor enhancement makes a pace into transforming our desire true. Our creative graphic designers can help your portrait reveal your beauty and hide flaws. We are going to do our best to create any photo look great.
E-Commerce Images Editing
E-Commerce is growing worldwide. Thousands of new online stores are opening every day, whether it is a brand new startup or from existing bricks and mortar retailers expanding online-Commerce Product photo editing service assure you the quality image content generates 94% more views, according to STATBD Advertising. We can even enhance details in your product images to help your product appear in all its glory.  Graphic Experts committed to bringing your business success and offer you an affordable eCommerce Product editing services that you can rely on to build your company and make money. Whatever, the amount of your image is we can offer the little image cropping or resizing photo editing service.
Wedding Image Manipulation
Wedding Occasion is an event that anyone doesn’t forget in their lifetime. We know person’s feelings that connected to each wedding photo. We process each photo with extreme care by enhancing individual’s feelings to create pictures towards the person’s total satisfaction and happiness. We make sure that the wedding photos will be highly processed, smooth and excellent effect. Yes, we believe that pictures can speak and we'll show you how. So choose the help of professional image manipulation service right now to examine the image editing skills and expertise.
High Dynamic Range (HDR) Image
HDR images processed if you take many exposures of the same camera shot at different levels - from very dark to the middle, and also very vivid. HDR Source provides the latest high res, 360-degree breathtaking HDR images, HDR libraries sets for incorporation into your 3-D projects. In case you need anyone to take 360-degree High Dynamic Range images for the project, don't hesitate to contact us.
We provide dedicated customer support, consultation & free trial for every client or your need. Feel free to get in touch with us at any time to request a professional image editing service or any other further help.
Interested in getting a consultation and quotation or send us an email or contact us now!

Clipping Path Service
Best Photoshop Clipping Path Service Company in the World

Photoshop Image Clipping Path Services

STATBD provides the best clipping path service‎ in the industry with its expert hands to suit the needs of the valued clientele. In fact, the Image Clipping Services‎ is one of the most sought services in the industry of photo editing and makes them look better than the real pictures. Often photos captured in situations that lead the ruination of the pictures, and the digital clipping helps to reshape the photos as they supposed to be. Photoshop clipping path provided by STATBD is a reliable service that always ensures the quality of the photos than any other thing. We are a clipping path company that provides different sorts of services including clipping path to make the photography outstanding. It's not like the other clipping path outsourcing businesses that outsource employees to perform the job, rather than our clipping mask hundred percent professional. Here are some high-quality Clipping path images that we are working in our previous works:

STATBD specialized in image clipping and provides different services of the genre. The hands at STATBD skilled in several types of clipping path including simple, medium, complex, super complex and many clipping paths. STATBD is a clipping path provider that will serve you immediately you ask for the service. The photo clipping path it provides belongs to the top class and quality. Moreover, STATBD enabled to deliver the image cut out service as it knows about the urgency of the clients. To cut out photos is not as easy as it thought but the experienced editors at STATBD can perform the image knock out. So, We gained a fair reputation among the global clients shortly after its emergence in the industry.

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Image Clipping is one the standard features that we could be proud of and able to handle any volume of tasks. Besides, it ensures a smooth delivery of the tasks within the budgeted time. Clipping path is troublesome for those who are not skilled with the job, and if a clipping path company cannot hire the right and experienced designers and photo editors, it becomes difficult for that precise clipping provider to sustain in the business and the photo editing industry. We are performing well in the issues with clipping service. The expert team, made in a combination of designers and professional photo editors work hand in hand and follow different methods like Silo Path to make the photos look attractive by removing the faults and photographic errors so that the clients could get the desired standard and quality of the pictures.

The clipping path did with using Photoshop Pen Tool. The tool used to cut the background and remove the photos into a new layer. Few professional image editing software used like Illustrator, In Design, etc. The tasks did after the demand of the clients. If they ask to remove the background of the photo, the experts here use the background removal services. The experts are always ready to prepare some outlines for some potential clients. We pride ourselves on having very loyal company customers from USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Italy, France and all over the world.

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STATBD Provide Following Services:
We have aimed at providing the best Clipping Service to the clients across the world and gradually establish itself as the best clipping path company in the photo editing industry. Mostly, We provide services like photo editing, color correction, photo manipulation, image cutout, masking service, etc. The most notable services are – 
• Image Clipping Service 
• Basic Photo Editing
• Photo manipulation 
• Photo restoration 
• Photo retouching 
• Neck joint
• Hair masking 
• Color correction
• Tone correction
• Background removal 
• Shadow adjustment 
Who needs the service?
In fact, the Image Clipping Services‎ required for the people who engaged with a different profession like modeling, fashion designing, etc. The list below shows the potential clipping path service receivers.
• Models
• Modeling photographers 
• Fashion designers
• Online retail stores: Apparels, Automotive Parts & Accessories, electronic goods, sports accessories, Kitchen appliances, etc
• Newspapers
• Magazines
• Printing houses 
• Publishing houses
• Art galleries
• Advertising agencies
• Media houses
• Portrait studios
• Amateur photographers 

We are one of the leading IT agencies in the country and been serving the global clients since after its inceptions. Besides, the company offers some customized services to the customers and allows them for some free trials to justify the standard and quality of the services. Pricing is not an issue for the customers, and they are flexible to quote any price. The most important thing is that the designers and photo editors are expert in their job and they have tremendous experiences and qualifications to deal with the situation. So, the clients do not need to worried about the quality of their photos rather they will amaze at the result.We meet popularity among the global customers from our best pricing and high-quality image editing and clipping path. Besides, We offer some discounts as well marking special occasions. Additionally, the payment system is also flexible and can deliver around 1000 images a day.

Thereby, if you are in need of any clipping path service or any image editing necessity, feel free to contact us. Drop a line on our mail, and we will reach you shortly. You could also try us for free trials and get specials discount in bulk image(100+).

Image Masking Service
Image Masking Service with Photo Shop Clipping Mask

Image Masking Service

Image Masking Services are one of the important ventures of STATBD. Though it sounds simple, the entire process is difficult to perform. Hair masking images are currently one of the trendy systems for photo masking. The service includes layer masking, channel masking, Clipping mask and alpha masking. All the services done with the Association of Photoshop masking service. STATBD uses Photoshop for masking images while the Photoshop image masking considered as the best way to perform the service.

Hair masking is a very stylish photo masking procedure that makes the hair look different as it captured in the original photo. Usually, photoshop masking techniques used to remove the flaws in the picture and make them look better. It's  a sophisticated layer masking service that removes the unwanted hairs from the head, raise them or help them flying. It removes the defects from the background to make the images look striking. 

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To produce quality images, Photoshop image masking is an excellent service, and STATBD owns a skilled team for rendering the service. To perform the task of includes layer masking, channel masking, and alpha masking, the professionals use sophisticated image editing tools. They correct the color tone, remove the background, and apply transparency masking, channel masking or any other customization. The image editing specialists of STATBD use the cutting-edge technologies and tools to perform the jobs and sincere to meet the needs of our valued clients.


STATBD gets the thing done sophisticatedly and assures about the quality of the original image. Usually, the Image Masking Services by STATBD can improve the appearance of the picture without hampering the other attractive properties or authenticity of the picture. Besides, the experts at STATBD can handle all types of images formats for the convenience of the valued clients. The service is applicable for the photos which come with some photographic errors. Some of the photos contain disturbed background, blurred edges or disordered hairs.

Image Masking Services can remove the flaws and make the photos usable in everywhere. Besides, the experts perform the tasks with great dedication and can make the desired changes with the images despite being this as the time-consuming job. But the expert hands do the works very fast and at the same time keep the quality in greatest level. The images not distorted. Moreover, the cost of working cheaper than the other service providers.

Who needs our clipping masking services?
The Image Masking Services required for people who are working with the photography and photo editing. Most of the cases, the services are applicable for the people of an advertising agency to advertise their products. A list here will make the issue clearer. 
• Modeling photographer
• Professional photographer
• Newspapers
• Magazines
• Television channels
• Advertisers
• Printing houses
• Publishing houses
• Media agencies   
Our Making Services Includes
STATBD provides different services for image masking, and the most notable services are –
• Background removal
• Background color change
• Hair masking
• Detailed masking
• Layer Masking 
• Channel masking 
• Alpha masking
• Transparency Masking 
• Customized background
• Translucent objects
• Dropping shadows

STATBD is one of the leading IT firms in the industry and been serving the clients for past few years. The organization arm with skilled people who enriched with the knowledge to perform the Image Masking Services and provide a quality service to the clients within the budgeted time. Besides, the services offered from STATBD belong to the top class and cheaper than the other service providers. Besides, we allow some flexibility to the clients in customizing their jobs.

So, if you are in need of photo Masking Service, feel free to reach us through email, inbox us your ideas or queries. We offer free trails & special discount for the bulk image (100+). You are welcome to have a test of our services. We are always there to serve you. 

Image Shadow Service
Photoshop Natural Image Drop Shadow of the Best Service

Image Drop & Reflection Shadow Service

Amid thousands of business, images play important roles and it assumed that a picture is worth a thousand words. So, the Drop Shadow Service of STATBD solely aims to provide a natural and professional form to the pictures clicked by skilled photographers. Different photo shadow effect is used to make the photos look natural and gorgeous. If the image shadow Service is unable to provide some best pictures of editing them, the photos will lose their importance in the case of their real life applications. Natural shadow on the photos can bring a real change in the pictures, and those photos become more useful than the untouched photos. The first shadow of the photos may not appear once the photos edited with the professional Drop Shadow Service. STATBD proudly owns a team of experts who are enabled to make the photos look better and breathtaking with their skills in photo editing.

Besides, Photoshop drop shadow service is helpful to make the shadows look more realistic, and the first shadows not hampered in such cases. The use of Reflection shadow is another way to make the photos look more authentic and fresh. Usually, when a photo captured by a photographer, some shadows remain in the photos while some other shadows may prove unwanted. The Shadow Service helps to remove the shadows as those not considered as the part of the photo. But the shadow images are also required to make the picture look authentic. Without the shadow, the photos appear to be unusual and lose their charms. Drop Shadow Service is a must for the photos to bring back the natural look with adjusting the shadows to the possible extent.

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There are several types of image shadow Services are available, and amid them, natural shadow, Reflection Shadow, Drop Shadow Service are notable. Usually, the natural shadow helps to get a natural look for the photo objects. The objects look pure natural as they are in the real life context. On the other side, the Reflection shadow created artificially and the shadows always are meant to remain under the product so that the object looks like standing on a mirror. It's one of the widely used systems for photo editing in the current days and brings an authentic look to the images. Drop shadow is created artificially within the picture where there are no shadows. The drop shadow helps to create a false shadow within the border of the object to make it look attractive.

Usually, shading is used in photos to bring unity among all the elements of the photo. Often the photos could not be taken properly due to different reasons like the background is not the perfect one, the camera ma gets a jerking unexpectedly, or the lighting condition may be confined. So, when photos used in such a situation, the photographers have fewer things to do except the photo editing with the image shadow Service. So, they use the services to make the photos look stunning. The color tones adjusted with the background or the experience is modified based on the objects, adding text shadows, etc.

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Who Need the Service? 
A full number of people are in need of the professional Drop Shadow Service, and it is more useful for the people oriented with e-commerce and business. The service is also helpful for professional photographers who want to make their photos look lively and cheerful. The service is applicable for the following types of people – 
• Professional photographers,
• Modeling photographers 
• Product photographers
• Wedding photographers 
• Magazines
• Media agencies
• Advertising Agencies 
• Event organizers 
• Models
• Newspapers
• Publishing houses 
• Amateur photographers 
Our Photoshop Drop Shadow Creation Service is:
In fact, STATBD provides a broad range of professional services to cater the needs of photography. The current image shadow Service provided by STATBD includes 
• Drop Shadow Service 
• Photo shadow effect
• Image shadow Service
• Natural shadow
• Original shadow
• Photoshop drop shadow
• Reflection shadow
• Soft Shadow  
• Shadow images
STATBD is one of the leading IT firms in the industry and been serving a good number of clients with satisfaction. The company committed to satisfying the customers and the skilled hands at STATBD work professionally to meet the deadlines, and they are highly aware of the customer satisfaction. They make the photos look natural and gorgeous with their expertise. Besides, STATBD also provides the service at a reasonable and competitive rate than the other agencies with the same services. 
Thereby, if you are in need of any Drop Shadow Service, photo shadow effect, image shadow Service or any Photoshop drop shadow services, feel free to contact us. You may drop a line on our mail box either about your queries or work orders. You may also check some of our limited services for free of cost. We are waiting eagerly to welcome you.

Photo Cleaning/Retouching Service
Best Photo Retouching Services for Expert Photographers

Professional Photo Retouching Service

Photos are of no use if you do not imply professional retouching services with your photos. STATBD provides you with the best retouching services for your products at a reasonable cost. Besides, these retouching services for professional photographers are one of the best one in the industry. In fact, the age is advancing faster than it predicted. Thereby, the photographic retouching or digital photo retouching has become a very common issue for people dealing with photography. Usually, the photo retouch service is for those who deal with photography, professionally.

The photo retouch service can make the clicked photos far better than they are. There might be some questions about the necessity of such photo restoration retouching. The answer is simple. Most of the time the people are unable to click the right moments for different reasons, and photo restoration retouching service fills up the gaps. It creates a bridge between the real and the desired. Usually, the professional photo retouching helps to make the pictures as they desired to clicked. The services help to enhance the beauty of the original photos.

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Professional photo enhancement service is not that much available in the country, but STATBD has started the service for its valuable clientele across the world so that they could be able to use the photos for their specific needs. Most of the photos, captured by anyone require retouching and manipulations as the photographers are unable to pay attention perfectly during the catch. They have to take care of different matters at the same time when they are clicking the photos. When it is about professional photography, the photographers need to pay attention to several issues like lightings, exposures, applying shades and much more which they cannot do manually. They need professional photo retouching services to make the photos striking. In fact, the old retouching images have been old-fashioned after the invention of the image retouching.


STATBD is the unique photo retouching company in Bangladesh that comes up with all the necessary image retouching, and it proudly owns a professional photo retoucher group who considered as the best in the industry. In fact, the team members are skilled in retouching pictures and could apply the special effects in such a way that the target groups of the photos will be amazed, and by the same time, the goal of clicking the photos will be achieved. Most photos are taken to serve some specific purposes, and sometimes it becomes difficult to get the right click. But the photo manipulations help to remove all the troubles and make the photos look better.

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STATBD retouching services are applicable in different aspects but not limited –
• High-end beauty retouching 
• Glamor and modeling retouch
• Weeding retouching 
• Old photo repair 
• Travel photo retouching 
• Stock image retouching 
• Corporate headshots 
• Children and baby photo retouching 
• Removing red eye effects
• Eliminating glare
• Physical shape-changing
• Spot removal
• Color tone setting
• Hair/ dress color setting 
• Black and white image retouching
• Watermark removal
• Object cleaning 
• Face and teeth cleaning 
• Wrinkles and acne removal
• Applying shining effects
We are the pioneer in the arena of photo retouching. It has already engaged some of the skilled hands for the purposes that can make some necessary changes in the photos suggested by the clients. Most of the cases this retouching services for professional photographers are s able to bring them the right exposure in their respective arenas. So, when it is about image retouching and photo editing, one can rely on STATBD without any second thought. The experts in STATBD are nimble handling with all such types of pictures, and they regularly handle the jobs with perfection. They have a good understanding on fixing images based on their types.
Please feel free to contact us or mail us with any of your needs regarding photo retouching issues and your satisfactions from our services is guaranteed.

Glamour Enhancement Service
Glamour Photo Enhancement Services Make You Invincible

Glamour Image Enhancement Service

Glamour enhancement services provided by STATBD are solely aimed to remove the spots, disorders with skin, modifying the body limbs and parts like hair, changing the color tone and bringing a striking look with the use of professional photo editing software like Photoshop, etc. The glamour enhancement and the digital photo enhancement are made to make the photos look more unique, brighter and lively than they are. It’s now one of the core needs of the professional photographers where they apply to use some digital makeups on their subjects.

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Digital enhancement is of great help to people who are dealing with photography and most of the cases; they are unable to modify the pictures by them as they do not own the right amount of skills needed to change the pictures. In fact, all of the photos in the current days go under some digital image editing before they used finally. Photograph enhancement is now like a fundamental need for everyone in the industry, but the number of professional photo enhancement services is not available everywhere to deal with the needs. Hence, the image enhancement services provided by STATBD belong to the top class.  Some of the notable works of STATBD are exhibited below for glamour enhancement example.

Usually, Professional photo enhancement refers to modify all types of pictures and make them look gorgeous with the use of digital technology before they go for publishing or printing. Retouching the photos with the digital image editing software has become a trend in the current age as a camera cannot bring the inner beauty with each of the shots. Thereby, the fashion industry and modeling agencies have mostly started depending on the services. Glamor enhancement typically refers to the modification of the human faces and figures to some extent after the needs and STATBD take a little pride in performing so.   

STATBD is promised to provide the best glamour enhancement services to the valued clients and committed to delivering the tailored services after their needs or recommendations. The highly skilled hands at STATBD are always ready to provide you with any support needed to glamor enhancement. We accept ideas. The ideas from our valued clients lead us forward. Our expert photo editors are always there to materialize your dream and glamorize your photos.

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Who Need Glamour Enhancement?  
Glamour enhancement required for a group of people who mostly work with photography and the service is applicable on the old photographs, especially the portraits. Besides, the digital photo enhancement services are also appropriate for the photos best before uploading or publishing. The service mostly needed for the following people:
• Modeling photographer
• Cosmetic surgeons
• Graphic designers
• Printing and publishing houses 
• Television channels
• Professional photo studios 
• Matchmakers
• Advertising agencies/ firms 
• Newspapers
• Magazines
• Beauty parlors 
What did We do?
STATBD provides a wide range of Glamour enhancement services to its clients. The most notable services are – 
• Red eye removal
• Eyelashes correction
• Crease removing 
• Emphasizing on eyes
• Image straightening  
• Dark circle removal
• Reshaping 
• Addition or removal of glare and shine 
• Skin retouching
• Aging Prevention 
• Nose manipulation 
• Skin texture adjustment
• Tattoo removal
• Wrinkle removal
• Scar removal 
• Shading 
• Highlighting
• Background changing 
• Object removal/ addition
• Brightness correction
• Resizing/ Cropping
• Color/ tone changing 
How do We do?
We use some professional photo editing software to enhance the glamor of the photos. The glamor enhancement, at STATBD, is done with some experts who make the photos look better than they are. In fact, the backgrounds changed, the modes altered and some new layers applied for image enhancement. The lighting conditions and patterns changed, and thus the photo looks glamorous.
Thereby, if you need any for our enhancement services for any of your needs, please feel free to contact us or drop a line on our mailbox clarifying your requirements. We will catch you at the earliest convenience. We are always there to meet your needs regarding glamour enhancement. You are always welcome to try our  free trial services.  

E-Commerce Images Editing
Ecommerce Image Editing Services - How To Do It Right

Product Photo Editing & Retouching Service

E-commerce is a buzzword in the present day, and everyone is trying to be self-reliant with the platform. It's a newly emerged system that allows the businessmen or sellers to sell their products online and for that reason, ecommerce image editing is an important issue for them. If the product’s photos not edited correctly, it expected that the traffic for the website would reduce. In fact the product photo editing service is a highly important thing to bring under consideration. Actually photo editing for e commerce ensures the quality images required to attract the potential customers and is able to generate more traffic to the e-commerce website than it is expected. In Bangladesh, STATBD provides the top level product photo retouching services to its clients at an affordable cost. The photography editing services provided by STATBD will help to grow the business quickly and make your own brand within the shortest possible time. 
Usually the product images are those which appear on the website or advertisements for the e-commerce and the product image editing services by STATBD aims to make them look important. With the product photography retouching, few features of the photos are enriched like the photo quality is enhanced, the photos are made to look more appealing and finally the photos look enticing that the potential customers are bound to look back once again which is helpful for your business to grow further. Usually vibrant pictures are made with the product photo retouching and it teases the potential clients to investigate further on the photo or on the website. In fact a professional look of the products is more important than what the e-commerce is providing in reality. Consequently, the rate of online sales increases and the people with the business start getting back their investment shortly.  

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Who need product photo retouching?
Considering the issues, STATBD has taken the initiative of ecommerce image editing as this is a growing sector and there are a good number of people are involved with it. STATBD provides professional product photo editing service for its clients and the services are applicable for the following people 
• Entrepreneurs 
• Business planners
• Product sellers 
• Product and service dealers 
• Media houses
• Advertising agencies
• Newspaper advertisements 
• Magazines
• Printing houses 
• Professional businessmen 
• Amateur entrepreneurs 
• Marketing service providers 
• Online marketing service providers 
• Industrial products  

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Why product photo retouching services needed?
The e-commerce websites are made to sell products. The website owners upload the products’ photos. But most of the cases, the photos are not up to the mark and cannot entice the visitors to get into the website. The product image editing services by STATBD usually remove all the flaws of the photos and bring a fresh and natural look of the products. Most of the photos are taken in lower lighting conditions and they also contain defective colors or unwanted distractions and noises. So, they are not ready to be uploaded on the websites and even if uploaded, they are unable to draw attention of the potential clients or consumers. The product photography retouching helps to enhance the beauty of the photos and creates huge potentials for the e-commerce owners.  

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STATBD is entirely different from the other photography editing services providers. The teams working here are expert and they know how bring a professional look on the photos. The look of the products is of great importance and if the first impression is not up to the standard, the e-commerce business may not be successful despite hard attempts. The experts at STATBD product photo editing service bring a real life look on the photos and it appears that the e-commerce website visitors are actually in contact with the products. Photo editing for e commerce inspires the visitors to get the product right away which is the key aim of the e-commerce website entrepreneurs. Besides, STATBD performs all the services at a lower cost than the other similar service providers. 
Therefore, if you are an e-commerce entrepreneur and need to enhance your product photos, feel free to contact us. We are ready for conditional free trails. So, do not hesitate to enhance your products’ photos by the experts at STATBD. Please keep in mind, we are not ‘cheap’ rather affordable. Flexible terms of STATBD are ready to welcome you. Do not wait anymore!   

HDR Images Services
HDR Image Editing-Processing and Blending Service

HDR Photo Editing & Blending Services 

High-Dynamic- Range is shortly known as HDR and this is a technique to make the photos look better and attractive. The hdr photo editing service helps to make a perfect photo. In this process, a couple of photos captured, and the best one is made in a combination of the right elements so that the image look natural. But if someone unskilled tries to perform the task, there are lots of chances to make the work a mess. STATBD provides the best hdr image processing and Photo Blending Services in Bangladesh which is important in the aspect of real estate business. In fact, hdr photo reproduces a greater level of dynamic luminosity than the usual standard so that the photos look more lively and attractive. It's a bit different from the ordinary methods, and a good number of tasks are related to making the photos hdr. Unless the parts of an interior or exterior are shown clearly on the photographs, the customers would not respond to your advertisements. 

Digital photography comes with some particular limitations, and the hdr photo processing has removed the limitations. It removes the extra lights from the objects, adjusts the brightness and removes the other restrictions that could make the photo unnatural. In the real estate business, the clients are always keen to know about the projects’ interior and exterior decorations which are initially presented by photographs. But in most of the cases the hdr photography editing services are not used rather some blurry photos shown which cannot satisfy the clients’ intention. 

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The Photo Blending Services by STATBD aims to make the real estate photos look more natural then they look in the real life situation. The experts at STATBD blend several photos together and make a perfect one. They change the lighting conditions, amends the color tones, temperatures, and exposures. As a result, hdr image processing makes the impossible to possible. It increases the beauty of the exterior and interior part of the projects, and the chances of success grow as well.     
Hdr photography editing is, of course, a critical task, and if someone tries to perform the task manually, it becomes complicated as the human brain is often unable to determine the exact exposure when there are several photos taken. But the hdr photography editing service of STATBD uses different professional software to process the photos. Besides, hdr post processing is also harder for the unskilled hands. When they try to perform the HDR Photo Editing, they make some grave mistakes which ruin the photo and the potentials for success for the real estate reduce to a large extent. 

The hdr photo editing service provided by STATBD aims to make the photos look more professional, much better and natural. In fact, Photo Blending Services require some unique skills. The experts in hdr image processing blend the photos in such a skilled manner that often people make the mistake that if they are looking on a photograph or something real life. In fact, such photos required for the real estate business. The executives need to show some specimen and photographs are the specimens about what they are doing. When the photos are professional, they can impress the clients. 

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Why hdr photo editing service required? 
This is the age of technological advancement, and most of the cases technology are dominating the human life. Technologies are now everywhere, and the hdr is a blessing of the modern technology that has made the photography to the level of art. The hdr is used to make the photos look stunning, and when the photos are gorgeous to look at, the real estate business clients become attracted to the pictures, and in fact, the photos tease people to look again. By this process, the purposes of the real estate gained. 
Who needs the Photo Blending Services?
There are the large group of people who are in need of the hdr photography editing, and they need it for their sake. The hdr image processing helps to make the photos look like real life objects. The service required for the real estate business, but the list below represents some other people who also need the service most.
• Real estate business 
• Professional photographers, 
• Modeling photographers, 
• Advertising agencies, 
• Publishing companies,
• Television channels,
• Newspapers,
• E-commerce company websites,
• Advertisers,
• Product and service dealers,
• Product sellers and resellers,
• Marketing service providers,
• Industrial product vendors or providers,
• Magazines,
• Business planners  
STATBD has emerged in the industry with some exclusive services for the potential clients over hdr photography editing and hdr post-processing services. The services provided here considered as the best in comparison with any other provider of the same service. STATBD is an exceptional agency that deals with the hdr photo editing service and been performing very well since after its inception. The organization proudly owns some dedicated staffs who are expert in all sorts of hdr photo editing service or Photo Blending Services. The performance of the teams is adorable, and it becomes difficult to find out any fault with the photographs edited by the experts of STATBD. Once the photos selected, they surely will serve your purpose. Guaranteed!  
So, if you are in need of hdr photography editing or hdr post processing for your real estate business or other purposes, feel free to contact us. You make drop a line about your troubles or may also ask for a price list against our hdr image processing service. Please be noted that STATBD is always there for you and before commencing a full-fledged task; you can have some trials from us. Do not delay to contact us for our service. 

Wedding Image Manipulation
Best Image Manipulation Service with Quality Work

Wedding Photo Manipulation Service

Wedding Photo Manipulation has been made easier by STATBD. In fact, this is one of the most important tasks for the wedding photographers as they want to make the fabulous things looking real on their photos. Photo manipulation services are of great use to the professional photographers, and the task is highly intensive. A mere failure may bring ruination to the career of the photographer. So, STATBD offers digital image manipulation service to the people who are in need of it. The post production of wedding photography is frightening, and image manipulation or Photoshop image manipulation is the best way to perform the job. But it should be considered that all photo manipulations are not the creative photo manipulation, and it requires a hard labor indeed.

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With STATBD, anyone can rely on the Digital photo manipulation issues as the team here is highly expert and able to perform the finest task. Photo manipulation has turned easier by dint of the latest technology. The manipulation photography is one of best ways to improve the picture qualities and saves time and labor. However, picture manipulation demands a good deal of attention from the photographers, and if they want to make the pictures look classic, the post-processing services by STATBD would be a great source of benefit to them. Looking at the below instance, how our image manipulation service has been used to give your photos an extraordinary look.
The professional photo manipulation tools that STATBD owns are not readily available everywhere. Besides, when the tools are in the wrong hands, there are chances that the pictures may turn into disasters. If the services are not applied correctly or with less judgment, the photos may become unpleasant to look. The aims to enhance the photos will wind-up in a moment. Photography is an art of capturing moments, and not everyone can be the artist. If it is considered abut wedding photography, the issue certainly should be regarded as seriously that the wedding couple will be in need of some fantastic photos. They also will expect that the novelty of the photos should remain for years.
Only STATBD can make the pictures look fantabulous within the shortest possible time. STATBD takes the job and becomes responsible for making the wedding photos look more beautiful than they are.

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STATBD Photo Manipulation Services Are:
STATBD was highly committed to providing best image manipulation service to its clients at home and abroad. The notable services by STATBD are –
• Wedding photo manipulation
• Jewelry Image manipulation 
• Fading prevention 
• Color correction
• Complexion changing
• Background correction 
• Background changing 
• Adding or removing people 
• Photo combining
• Creating unique tone or mode to photos
• Weight reduction
• Unwanted object removal
• Improving picture quality 
• Bride and bridegroom retouching 
• Shadow removal
• Custom tasks
• Other necessary functions on demand 
STATBD takes a little pride in Wedding Photo Manipulation and is one of the leading firms in the industry of photo manipulation. The people working with STATBD are expert in their respective areas and able to manipulate photos as easily as it is easier to drive a car on a traffic free highway. Besides, the image qualities made higher so that they could last longer when printed. The other tasks like changing the backgrounds, adding or removing objects and people, etc. are done so carefully that there are no chances to recognize the manipulated photo with the real pictures.
So, why not try STATBD image manipulation service with a simple task to prove its worth? Feel free to drop a line at our mail box or contact us for any of your queries.

Jewellery Photo Editing
Jewelry Image Retouching and Photo Editing Services

Jewelry Image Editing-Retouching Services

Everything is becoming digitalized in the current age, and the jewelry business is not an exception of that. Now the businessmen in jewelry have opened their online stores which aim to increase both the online and offline sales. Accordingly, the use of jewelry image editing in Photoshop has become a very common trend in the present days, and it helps to make the jewelry items look more attractive than before. The Jewelry photos are mostly used to make a catalogue, decorate the online business, printing brochures for advertisement, advertising on newspapers or on airing on televisions and so forth. In fact, the jewelry photo editing service is required for the people who are dealing in general with jewelry business, especially who own both the online and offline selling stores. When they exhibit the jewelry products on their stores on websites, they expect that the potential clients would visit the sites. Thereby, editing Jewelry in Photoshop is a great way to attract the customers.
In fact, jewelry image retouching helps to look the jewelry items unique. The businessmen dealing with jewelry want to increase their sales, and they adopt different means. So, they choose jewelry photo retouching services so that the items displayed on their online stores could attract the clients. Usually, the potential customers visit the websites after their needs or go through the advertisements in real life situations. But often it happens that the customers do not look at the photos properly as the poor photos could not draw attention from the potential customers due to lack of charming. When the photos uploaded on the online stores, the photos may look less attractive than they are. But retouching jewelry in Photoshop removes all the probable flaws and makes them look pleasant to the website visitors.

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But it should be remembered that photoshop jewelry retouching is a complex task and require lots of patience to be performed. Usually the bangles look beautiful by dint of jewelry image editing services but it requires a good number of specific skills. Retouching the jewelry goods make them look nice than actually, they are, and it is mostly done for the online jewelry business. 

The jewelry photo editing photo shop images are primarily used for making catalogs for the customers and clients. If the jewelry image editing in photo shop is used for the catalogs and on the website, the images which are used for exhibition look stunning. There are several positive impacts of jewelry photo editing service, and this is not applicable only to the online owners. When the offline traders of jewelry products use the jewelry photo retouching services, of course, they will also have some benefits from this specific service. 

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STATBD has been providing the jewelry image retouching service to its global clientele for long. The service intends to increase the beauty of the products and remove the flaws. The experts at STATBD can comprehend the needs of the clients and serve them accordingly so that the needs are met. Most of the time the photos were taken for making a catalog or exhibiting on the online stores are not up to the mark, and the business becomes difficult for them. Hence, STATBD has initiated the serviced so that the clientele could have a better service and could also get a hike in the business. 

The majority of the catalogs came with some hazy images and filled with unnecessary things like spots, scars, imperfect light, poor brightness, and inappropriate color tone. The jewelry image retouching of STATBD helps to remove all the flaws and bring a natural and stunning look on the photos.

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Who needs the service?
Jewelry image retouching service is required for the businessmen who are dealing with jewelry business. But the services are also applicable to the following group of individuals – 
• Jewelry businessmen 
• Professional photographers
• Models with jewelry advertisements 
• Newspaper
• Advertising agencies 
• Printing houses 
• Publishing houses 
• Television channels 
• Product photographers 
• Jewelry photographers 
• Fashion photographers 
Services we provide – 
• Resizing jewelry photos 
• Changing the color
• Correction of the tone
• Removing poor light
• Cutting outside
• Scaling the photos 
• And other necessary services 
We offer a wide range of jewelry photo editing service for our clientele. The services are provided by highly skilled hands who have been performing the jobs for a longer period. Moreover, the services are done within the shortest possible time. The photos are made to look like far better than the real photos once they are edited with the STATBD professionals.  STATBD has engaged in providing the services for long and has also gained a global reputation for its sincerity and flexibility. The most important issue here is that the clients have their flexibility to set the tasks after their necessity. Besides, pricing for the tasks is reasonable as well. The clients are offered different attractive services within a reasonable price. 
So, if you are one of the individual above and need any of the jewelry photo retouching services, please feel free to drop a line on our mailbox. STATBD is ready to serve you with all the possible service you are in need of to make the jewelry photos look perfect. You are cordially welcome to test our services, and if you are satisfied, you can come to any long-term contact with us to perform your services. STATBD believes in action than words. 
So, feel free to contact us, and we will catch you shortly. Besides, STATBD is ready to serve for some free services on some specific conditions.       

Background Removal Service
Background Removal Service- Remove Background From Image

Background Removal Services

Background removal is a type of image manipulation system that is used to Remove Background from Photos to bring a professional look to them. The act performed with the use of clipping path. Besides, few professional grade tools are also used as well to carry out the background removal. In fact in this process, the background is separated from the object so that the object could have a different look. Often the background is filled with unwanted things and the Image Background Remover Photo Shop helps to get rid of those. A proper editing is required to remove the background from the objects while the Image Background Removal Services are intended to make the things look far better, and even in some cases, they look too beautiful than the real life issues.Please see below image of our Background removal.

The background removal used for removing the things from the surroundings as the photographer could not remove those manually when he clicked the photos, or it was impossible for him to notice the unwanted things in the background. Hence appears Background Removal Service which solely aims to remove the unexpected objects from the photos and bring the right look. Most of the cases, the photos are used for professional purposes, and the photographers click them following the directives of the clients. But often they are to suffer from the situation of such unpredicted background objects which make the photos look unattractive.   

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So, to Remove Background from Image helps to eliminate the undesired things and the expert editors edit the photos skillfully that often they become the center of attraction when displayed as we all are well aware of the fact that the beautiful images are always attractive to look at and inquire. When the images become stunning, the chances of growth in the corresponding business sector increased at the same time. The Photo Background Removal Services mostly performed using Adobe Photoshop, but there are some other professional tools are also available that make the work smoother. The software is different from the traditional photo editors.   

People consider the pen tool on the Photoshop as the best Background Remover, and in Reality, it is best indeed. The tool helps to separate the unexpected image objects from the picture. Besides, few other Photoshop tools also used as Background Image Remover like the Lasso tool, Background eraser, etc. But if the tools could not utilize in the right manner, the photos would not look professional. Using the tools require some exceptional skills and expertise to perform the task.

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Initially, the Image Background Removal Services selects the unwanted objects on the photos and remove them in segments. But often it could be done by eliminating the principal subject from the pictures and place that on another desired background. Following some specialized techniques, a completely professional look brought to the image. In fact, the service changes the complete view of the photo and makes it look different than the real one captured by the photographers.    
Who needs the Background Removal Service?
Presently, everyone related to business is in need of the service. It's an excellent service for some people who are constantly in need of Background Remover. The list below shows a few of them – 
• Professional photographers
• Product photographers
• Modeling photographers 
• News agencies 
• Publishing house
• Printing house
• Businessmen 
• Television channels 
• Fashion photographers 
• Art galleries
• Amateur photographers
• Portrait photographers and studios 
• Media houses
• E-commerce platforms
• Image editing agencies 
• Real Estate sectors 
• Individual users or photographers 
• Commercial photographers   
• Magazine editors 
STATBD provides different background removal services, and the most notable services are – 
• Background removal 
• Enriching image quality 
• Clipping path service
• Backgrounds manipulation 
• Photo restoration
• Photo retouching 
• Color correction 
• Tone adjustment 
• Photo polishing 

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Often people need to Remove Background from Photos for diversified reasons, and thus the image editing agencies are providing the service to the clients. But most of the cases, the edited images are not up to the desired standard which makes the customers unhappy. Mostly the editing is done with some unskilled hands that make the photos repulsive. People need Photo Background Removal Services to make the pictures look beautiful and presentable. Hence, STATBD has launched its initiative - Remove Background From Photos. 
It's a specialized service of STATBD, and the leading IT firm takes pride in this case as it has numerous success stories of background removal. Since the background removal brings a professional look on the photos and makes them appealing to the potential clients, STATBD provides the best possible services for editing the pictures. The highly expert editors of STATBD are there to meet the needs of the customers and save their valuable times.   
By the same time, STATBD cares about the business purposes of the photos and accordingly brings the necessary changes on them so that the clients could use them based on their needs and necessity. The flexible options of STATBD have made it easier for the clients to get the services from here cheerfully.  The prices of background removal and other photo editing are comparatively lower than the other service providers. Besides, STATBD has some exclusive discounts for bulk images, and the free trial option is always open to the valued clients. 
So, if you are one of our potential clients, please feel free to contact us. It will be appreciated if you drop a line to our mailbox with your inquiries or something else. We will catch you shortly and discuss the entire issues. 

Neck Joint/Ghost Mannequin Service
The Best Neck Joint Service - Invisible Ghost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin or Neck Joint Service

The term neck joint service is one of the traditional names in the apparel industry. The invisible mannequin is, in fact, the way to hide the mannequins from the apparel. The invisible ghost mannequin service is mostly provided to remove the mannequins and bring the real look of the garments when displayed on online stores or catalogs. 

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Performing the ghost mannequin service or the neck joint service is a bit challenging and requires some particular set of skills and expertise of the editors. To make the issue clearer, the ghost mannequin photoshop is done to show that there are no mannequins inside the apparel. Usually, the garments are exhibited using the mannequins, and when they need to exhibit on online stores, they need some colorful and perfect photos. But if the Mannequin ghost found the picture, it loses its appeal.

Thereby, the Ghost mannequin editing has become an essential issue to make the mannequins invisible on the picture. The Invisible Mannequin photoshop helps to perform the service. To the photoshop ghost mannequin, several photographs required. Most of the photographers usually take two photos to make the Mannequin invisible e-commerce. The first photo taken from the front side with the mannequin and the second photo is done without the mannequin so that the brand tags and size numbers become visible. 

The images are joined using Adobe Photoshop or other photo editing software. The ghost mannequin mostly applied in the e-commerce, and the appeal of the invisible mannequin is on the rise for several reasons. The most important reason behind the popularity of the neck joint service is that it makes the images beautiful and makes the mannequin invisible on the photo. The service often performed on garment items like shirts, pants, dresses for women, etc. 

Another reason of being it's popular is that the Ghost mannequin editing shows several views of the same clothing like front view, back view or side view. Often personal views are also shown. Such views are helpful for the clients to decide about getting the particular piece of clothing. But if the photos exhibited with the mannequins, it becomes difficult to judge about the picture in the right manner. Most of the clients also do not prefer the photos with mannequins.      

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Who needs the service?
The service is required only for some particular people. The businessmen who are dealing with garment industries are in need of the ghost mannequin service. Besides, individuals who have some online clothing stores, they also need the service. The invisible mannequin helps to make the dress look beautiful as they edited correctly. The list below shows the rest – 
• Garment industry professionals  
• E-commerce website 
• Fashion magazines
• Fashion photographers 
• Printing houses
• Publishing houses
• Newspapers 
• Fashion advertising agencies 
• Annual clothing reports
• Apparel websites

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STATBD has turned into a mighty IT agency in Bangladesh and been operating the activities for a long time. The Ghost mannequin service of the company is excellent, and the expert hands of the office know their works very well. They can complete the tasks within the shortest possible time and also capable of meeting deadlines. 
The editing done by the STATBD experts make the attires look gorgeous, and thus the number of visitors increases on the website. When the visitors increase for a site dealing with garment industry, it means the chance of success in the business increased as well. The STATBD experts enhance the quality of the images, and as a result, the clothing looks beautiful. They can keep the consistency in design of the clothes, color, and size. So, the visitors cannot think that the images are edited rather they start adoring the pictures and order for their pieces. 
The designers and editors at STATBD are highly skilled in their respective tasks and usually complete the tasks with dedication. They can complete the tasks as per your need and within a budgeted time. They make the clothing to look healthy and colorful. Often they retouch the color and adjust the tone so that the real look of the dress appears on the image. 
Therefore, if you need the ghost mannequin service or the neck joint service, you can ask STATBD, and there are some options for limited free trials. You can reach us by e-mail to know details about the pricing or other queries. It is to note that STATBD is highly flexible about pricing. Besides, the dedicated and skilled professionals always prioritize their respective tasks and deliver as quickly as possible. Contact us to hand over your orders and get our excellent Neck Joint Services.

Cropping, Sizing N Straightening
Photo Cropping- Straighten & Resizing Service Company

Image Cropping/Resizing Services

Since humans cannot preserve moments, they have invented photography to capture the moments forever and make some sweet memories. So, the photos considered as the best ways to capture the moments. But not all the pictures are perfect. To make them look perfect, people need some image service. The services mostly include photo cropping, resize images, or resize multiple pictures, straighten photos, etc. Some specific agencies provide the professional picture resizing service for their clients. 

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Photo cropping refers to remove some unnecessary portions to bring the picture into a particular framing. It used for the creation of a focus or make the composition look better. This issue of cropping images could do with almost all the photos for some reasons. The captured photos are not perfect always. Often the photo straighten is required to resize photos.

The majority of the picture resizing service use the crop tool on Adobe Photoshop to crop the photos. The tool is also used to straighten the photos so that they could have a particular shape and ratio. The crop tool is of great use to photo cropping or resize multiple images. It' s a unique tool that allows the photo editors to crop the particular part of the pictures, and by the same time, the editors can straighten the photos after their requirements. 


Besides, using the tool has also some other features. The photo editors can look the real time preview of the photos, and thus it becomes easier for them to decide what portion they will crop, resize or straighten. 

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Who needs the service?
In fact, photo cropping or picture resizing service required for everyone who is dealing with photography. A list below will make it clearer about the group of people who will need it –
• Professional photographers
• Amateur  photographers 
• Modeling photographers
• Product photographers
• Commercial photographers 
• Fashion photographer 
• Wedding photographers 
• Wildlife photographers 
• News agencies 
• Publishing houses 
• Advertising agencies 
• Printing houses
• Media houses 
• Event management firms
• Woo commerce platforms 
• Art galleries 
• Online stores 
• Television channels 
• And anyone related to photography 
STATBD Provides Following Services:
Photography has become a very common issue in the present days, and thus STATBD has started providing the essential services for the photographers. The service include – 
• Image service
• photo cropping
• resize an image
• resize multiple photos
• straighten photos
• picture resizing service
• Any other necessary service required   
STATBD is one of the leading IT firm and image editing company in Bangladesh. The agency owns several experienced experts who can provide the images service to the clients as per their needs. The experts in STATBD are highly versed with the photo editing software and experienced for a good number of years. 
The STATBD experts are enabled to perform all sorts of photo cropping, resize an image, or resize multiple photos based on the necessity, and they apply their sense of photography during the task execution. Photography is, in fact, an art and STATBD owns some editors who are far better than the artist. They have the right know-how to make a photo look lively with their experienced hands. 
So, if you are in need of such services, please feel free to contact us. We will get you back as early as possible. Please write to us at to know more about our image cropping and resizing service.You are also invited to check the free trials if you need. 

Data Entry N Data Processsing Service
Data Entry Services - Data Processing Outsourcing Companies

Data Entry and Processing Services

Data entry and processing is one of the most troublesome jobs in the world and if the entered data is incorrect or not processed in the right manner, it could bring a disaster. Usually the business data processing is done by some data entry outsourcing companies and they are expert in processing the data. Several steps are followed to process the data and to make the processing perfect, the data entry professionals follow some specific methods. Data processing outsourcing is now one of the most sought option to the business people who deal with a huge amount of data and as they cannot process the gigantic amount of data, they outsource data entry services for their own benefits. 

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Generally, data entry refers to placement of any information to any suitable format of place so that those could be used later for any specific purposes. Often the data is required to analyze and forecast about any upcoming issues. So, it is highly important for the data to be correct and precise. It becomes impossible to predict something when the data is incorrect or not synchronized. As the officials of large corporations are always busy with their respective tasks, it becomes impossible for them to sort out the data, clean them and then post into their respective database. Hence, data entry and processing services are outsourced. 
Usually the outsource data entry services provide some specific services to the clients after their needs and those include – 
• Data entry, 
• Data conversion 
• Catalogue creation
• Database preparation 
• Online catalogue 
• Data management 
• Indexing and more others. 
Based on the needs of the business, STATBD, one of the largest IT agencies of the sector and one of the best data entry outsourcing companies in Bangladesh. STATBD provides the best available service to its clients and it never compromises with quality. STATBD is promised to provide the accurate data in its desired format and the processed data is clear, complete and ready to use at any time. In fact, STATBD is one of the reputed companies for data entry and processing in the country and been working in the sector for long. STATBD is ready to meet the needs of the global clients with a wide range of outsource data entry services. 

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The skilled STATBD data entry professionals use advanced and the latest data entry tools, scanners, OCR, ICR and follows other standard methods for data entry and processing. All of them are sincere in their works and actually they are considered as expert in this field. So, there are no chances of the data being inaccurate or there are less chances for the unwanted issues. 
Thus, if you are in need of any data entry outsourcing companies, STATBD could be the right companion for your business or company. Feel free to contact us with your needs and we will catch you back shortly. 

360 Degree Product View
Best 360 Degree Product Rotation & Stitching On Service

In the present world, it is very difficult to get an idea on the products by simply watching the pictures. The images are still and thus unable to express the entire features. But a 360 degree image rotation is able to make the pictures look better and lively, which also enhances the chances of business. In fact, a 360 degree product photo allows the potential clients to have a comprehensive look on the product photo. The photos appear to be as real as they are in the real life. Besides, a 360 degree product view is taken from different angels so that the desired areas are found on the photo. 
But is should be acknowledged that a 360 product rotation is not a simple task like editing the other photos using photo editing software and tools. It needs a special photoshop image stitching skill to make the photos rotate in a 360 degree. The 360 photography turntable is used to rotate the photos so that the pros and cons of the products are visible on the rotating photo. This visibility of the features is highly important for online business and who deal with the issues of online product selling or trading. A panoramic image 360 view helps to get to know about the products to be dealt perfectly. Actually, a product 360 view is a must for the products which will be sold online using e-commerce websites. 

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The photos are taken from different angels and then they are transformed in to 360 degree image rotation which is really a hefty task. But the experts in STATBD are skilled in 360 degree product photo. They are able to make a panoramic image 360 view of the photos and the final products are really outstanding. The clients of STATBD, who need the 360 product rotation mostly deal with online business. They take the 360 degree product view service from STATBD as it is important to attract the potential customers on purchasing the product. In fact, it is true that the success of online business mostly depends on decoration of the products on the websites. 
The still images on the website may appear in appropriate to majority of the potential clients of the products and if the products have some dynamic 360 degree product photo, there are more potential for the business to grow in its virtual and real life arena. When the 360 degree rotation is applied on the photos, they spread a different appeal among the potential clients. A 360 degree image rotation helps the clients to visualize the products from different angels and sides which help them in decision making about purchasing the product. If they are satisfied, the chances of selling the product increase. 

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STATBD helps its clients to get the best dynamic 360 degree product photo so that they could have a very good business with their respective clients. Besides, the expenses for such projects are flexible. The 360 degree rotation done by STATBD experts allows the viewers to zoom and use different screen mores to analyze the necessary features of the products. In fact, 360 degree rotation is far better than static view of the images and scores more comparing the features of still images. 
The STATBD experts apply the necessary photo editing tools and latest software to make the photos look live and all of the tasks are of high quality. 
So, if you are in need of such 360 degree image rotation service, feel free to reach us with your requirements. STATBD is always there to serve you without compromising the quality. STATBD is ready to welcome your needs and provide the best possible solution within a flexible costing plan. 

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