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Graphic Design
Logo Design
Banner Design
Brochures Design
Pages N Book Design
Flyer Design
Stationary Design
Corporate Identity Kit
OCR / ICR Services
E-commerce Site Management
Image Editing
Clipping Path Service
Image Masking Service
Image Shadow Service
Photo Cleaning/Retouching Service
Glamour Enhancement Service
E-Commerce Images Editing
HDR Images Services
Wedding Image Manipulation
Jewellery Photo Editing
Background Removal Service
Neck Joint/Ghost Mannequin Service
Cropping, Sizing N Straightening
Data Entry N Data Processsing Service
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The current age is dominated by science and is marked with the advancement of technology. Thereby, the age is moving too faster than it was imagined before. Each of the sectors, required for meeting human needs, have been computerized with the advancement of the age and the outcomes are splendid! The wind of development has enriched the human lives in many aspects and the IT sector is playing the most important role here for the development. The emergence of the Information Technology, better known as IT has dramatically changed the lives of human being across the world. It has imposed its influence around everywhere. Consequently, people now are unable to pass a single moment without the close contact of IT as they are highly habituated with the industry. They need to use computer, internet, mobile phones etc. round the day to meet their daily needs and when they are unable to perform their own tasks by themselves, hence the need of IT oriented companies emerge.   

STATBD has been formed in association with few vastly experienced entrepreneurs who in fact aim to expand and enrich the IT industry with their respective contributions. This IT firm is considered as a hub of different IT specialists and the staffs are greatly versed with the right knowledge to meet the clientele requirements and able meeting strict deadlines. The firm has set its journey on the IT arena when each fields of the sector are being fertilized and nurtured in the developed countries alone. But the least developed countries are deprived of the chances to exercise their expertise in the IT field, and thus they are lagging behind in the race. STATBD aims to remove the exploitations, obstacles and other unwanted issues from the passage of development in the IT sector for the least developed countries like Bangladesh.

STATBD is one of the leading IT service providing companies in Bangladesh that has reached on the top of success within a short time after its emergence. The company achieved the success shortly for some specific reasons. The first and top most important cause behind the success to STATBD is that the services it provides belong to the top class. The sincerity, commitment to the clients, and hard working expert hands at the company are its priceless assets. As a result, STATBD has gained reputation within a short time from its local and international clients and well-wishers.

STATBD, provides a wide range of services to its global and local clientele which include different complete IT solution packages like Administrative support, graphic design, Image editing service, clipping path service, image manipulation, photo retouching, e-commerce image editing and more others activities as per the clientele needs. Besides, the skilled teams at the firm are also able to maintenances e-commerce websites for the presence of the.

The world is now a global village and the countries are like next door neighbors. So, it is easier for each of the countries to come forward in helping them in every possible ways. STATBD aims at creating a bonding among all the international clients which will strengthen the bonding among the nations as well. The number of services it offers is wide and mostly the firm is expert in dealing with image editing, graphics design, administrative support and photo retouching for different organizations and agencies etc. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower Information Technology Globally.

Our Vision

Our vision is to overcome all the challenges of IT industries and keep pace with the latest demands. 

Our Values

In STATBD, we value our customers. We believe that the customers are the key for the development in the IT industry and thus they are always right to us. Besides, STATBD evaluates its own staffs and officials in proper manner. STATBD firmly believes that if everyone is happy with their respective positions, the development becomes easier and thus STATBD values everyone irrespective of its needs. 

Benefits of Patnering with STATBD

STATBD understands the needs of its clients, and thus it is ready to provide every sort of available benefit within a reasonable cost. The clients will receive all types of services so that they could get a global reputation after their respective brands or to create a brand value for them with the right services. The clients are entitled to receive benefits like:

• Quality jobs in exchange of reasonable cost

• Expert-oriented tailored services

• Professional photo editing packages and solutions

• Free trialing service (condition applied)

• Quickly served processed image

• Professionally edited images for better exposure

• Customer support available by 24x7

• Guaranteed secured services

• Comfortable payment methods

• Discounts for large orders

• Speedy project completion

Why Choose STATBD?

STATBD is one of the top IT industries in Bangladesh and been serving its clients in the very right manner after its commencement. All the clients are happy with our service and they also speak for us. Moreover, STATBD has a pool of skilled hands who are able to meet strict deadlines. The overall services of STATBD are highly satisfactory and comparatively reasonable in price limit than the other firms dealing with the similar services. The IT firm owns necessary resources (both human resource and infrastructures) to meet the needs of the clientele and most importantly, it always tries to provide the perfect service to the clients. Some strict policies are followed here to gain the client satisfaction, and thus the IT firm has achieved a global reputation in this short time.

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