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Image Masking Service

Image Masking Services are one of the important ventures of STATBD. Though it sounds simple, the entire process is difficult to perform. Hair masking images are currently one of the trendy systems for photo masking. The service includes layer masking, channel masking, Clipping mask and alpha masking. All the services done with the Association of Photoshop masking service. STATBD uses Photoshop for masking images while the Photoshop image masking considered as the best way to perform the service.

Hair masking is a very stylish photo masking procedure that makes the hair look different as it captured in the original photo. Usually, photoshop masking techniques used to remove the flaws in the picture and make them look better. It's  a sophisticated layer masking service that removes the unwanted hairs from the head, raise them or help them flying. It removes the defects from the background to make the images look striking. 

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To produce quality images, Photoshop image masking is an excellent service, and STATBD owns a skilled team for rendering the service. To perform the task of includes layer masking, channel masking, and alpha masking, the professionals use sophisticated image editing tools. They correct the color tone, remove the background, and apply transparency masking, channel masking or any other customization. The image editing specialists of STATBD use the cutting-edge technologies and tools to perform the jobs and sincere to meet the needs of our valued clients.


STATBD gets the thing done sophisticatedly and assures about the quality of the original image. Usually, the Image Masking Services by STATBD can improve the appearance of the picture without hampering the other attractive properties or authenticity of the picture. Besides, the experts at STATBD can handle all types of images formats for the convenience of the valued clients. The service is applicable for the photos which come with some photographic errors. Some of the photos contain disturbed background, blurred edges or disordered hairs.

Image Masking Services can remove the flaws and make the photos usable in everywhere. Besides, the experts perform the tasks with great dedication and can make the desired changes with the images despite being this as the time-consuming job. But the expert hands do the works very fast and at the same time keep the quality in greatest level. The images not distorted. Moreover, the cost of working cheaper than the other service providers.

Who needs our clipping masking services?

The Image Masking Services required for people who are working with the photography and photo editing. Most of the cases, the services are applicable for the people of an advertising agency to advertise their products. A list here will make the issue clearer. 

• Modeling photographer

• Professional photographer

• Newspapers

• Magazines

• Television channels

• Advertisers

• Printing houses

• Publishing houses

• Media agencies   

Our Making Services Includes

STATBD provides different services for image masking, and the most notable services are –

• Background removal

• Background color change

• Hair masking

• Detailed masking

• Layer Masking 

• Channel masking 

• Alpha masking

• Transparency Masking 

• Customized background

• Translucent objects

• Dropping shadows


STATBD is one of the leading IT firms in the industry and been serving the clients for past few years. The organization arm with skilled people who enriched with the knowledge to perform the Image Masking Services and provide a quality service to the clients within the budgeted time. Besides, the services offered from STATBD belong to the top class and cheaper than the other service providers. Besides, we allow some flexibility to the clients in customizing their jobs.

So, if you are in need of photo Masking Service, feel free to reach us through email, inbox us your ideas or queries. We offer free trails & special discount for the bulk image (100+). You are welcome to have a test of our services. We are always there to serve you. 

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