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STATBD is an online agency offering amateurs and professionals such as advertisers and the press a photo retouching and image editing services. We are the team of well-organized graphic designers, picture artists and photographers will deal with your order. The motto of our team is maintaining high-quality standards and turnaround time of image editing company work as well as developing a business relevant to ever-evolving markets. Also, we can save your money on time, effort, workforce and the take advantage of the skilled, professional image editing team of STATBD.COM who're efficient at using all of the latest software used in the look editing field.

The Digital Photo Editing Services of STATBD helps eCommerce and retail companies, online photo editing companies, photography labs, photo galleries, wedding photography, sports photography, stock photography enthusiasts, fashion photography, printing presses, educational facilities, advertising companies, graphics studios, media and publication companies, and much more photo editing outsourcing services.

Our Professional Photo Editing Service Includes:

Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path service is to Remove Background, Photo Retouching, Clipping Mask, Shadowing, Ghost Mannequin Removal and all sorts of other illustrator image editing services. We offer the top quality photo editing service with the pictures clipping on a regular basis for footwear, outfit along with other product based industries using tools. We use advanced techniques and instruments to cut the pictures with precision, creating the greatest degree of work with our clients. You can get the price benefits by outsourcing the best clipping path service from STATBD firm.

Image Masking Services

Image masking is the method we use when clipping path is not a choice. We offer image masking service for photos that aren't appropriate for the standard clipping path - delivering excellent outcomes to clients. Almost our experienced graphic artists make use of the latest masking strategies to remove backgrounds from images, for example, hair or even the foliage on trees, leading to sharp and smooth edges that appear to be professional. Our image masking service covers Layer Masking; Channel Masking, Transparent Masking, and many more variations.

Image Shadow Service

Shadowing an image can double the benefit of a picture and provide the heart and soul into it, for this reason, you’ll find shadowing traditional and far-practiced image adjustment technique. In an e-commerce site, shadowing is required to create a natural disposition for the products. We cope with two kinds of image shadowing- drop shadowing and reflection shadowing as well as for each of the help we've cost-effective packages. So we do ensure that we are the very best provider of the photo editing service. An image can “speak” with the help of image shadowing creation. While giving our drop shadow service, we conquer our competitors in the industry. You can rely on STATBD to offer you the smoothest shadowing leads to your images that will amaze you.

Image Cleaning/ Retouching

Digital photo manipulation, effects, and portrait retouching are the services that people focus. It will help your image to look gorgeous in color. Get the most from STATBD team's high abilities, fast turnaround skill and direct connection with personal retouches! Quality, consistency, and ease of access enable us to compete. STATBD features a group of qualified personnel who're familiar with digital image fixing and photo retouching.

Glamor Enhancement Service

Glamor Enhancement has usually referred all kinds of photo using various ways. Before publishing any professional images, these need to undergo Glamour Enhancement. Glamor Enhancement is the solution all your what-if’s and produces the beauty that every camera can’t get. It's our human instinct to present us. The glamor enhancement makes a pace into transforming our desire true. Our creative graphic designers can help your portrait reveal your beauty and hide flaws. We are going to do our best to create any photo look great.

E-Commerce Images Editing

E-Commerce is growing worldwide. Thousands of new online stores are opening every day, whether it is a brand new startup or from existing bricks and mortar retailers expanding online-Commerce Product photo editing service assure you the quality image content generates 94% more views, according to STATBD Advertising. We can even enhance details in your product images to help your product appear in all its glory.  Graphic Experts committed to bringing your business success and offer you an affordable eCommerce Product editing services that you can rely on to build your company and make money. Whatever, the amount of your image is we can offer the little image cropping or resizing photo editing service.

Wedding Image Manipulation

Wedding Occasion is an event that anyone doesn’t forget in their lifetime. We know person’s feelings that connected to each wedding photo. We process each photo with extreme care by enhancing individual’s feelings to create pictures towards the person’s total satisfaction and happiness. We make sure that the wedding photos will be highly processed, smooth and excellent effect. Yes, we believe that pictures can speak and we'll show you how. So choose the help of professional image manipulation service right now to examine the image editing skills and expertise.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Image

HDR images processed if you take many exposures of the same camera shot at different levels - from very dark to the middle, and also very vivid. HDR Source provides the latest high res, 360-degree breathtaking HDR images, HDR libraries sets for incorporation into your 3-D projects. In case you need anyone to take 360-degree High Dynamic Range images for the project, don't hesitate to contact us.

We provide dedicated customer support, consultation & free trial for every client or your need. Feel free to get in touch with us at any time to request a professional image editing service or any other further help.

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